About the photographer....




 I am mother of two beautiful girls and happily married to my husband (Ben) of 8 years. I am a stay at home mom.  My passion for photography began at the age of 11.  I did a course on photography through my local  4- H and since then it has consumed me.  I continued my passion by taking pictures for family members and at events. Later I worked for some friends who had just open a childrens Photography studio in Lexington, Ky. It was there that I knew that God had blessed me with a gift.  From  there I managed the local Sears studio.  Because of my move to Somerset, KY  

I left Sears and began the process to venture  out on my own. I am an on-site photographer who loves what she is blessed to do!  As a photographer it is my job to help you remember that special time, moment, and feeling that you had at the time of your portrait!  Photography is truely not only a gift that I am blessed with. Photography is my LIFE! Thank you for your intrest in my Portraits. I hope that my passion has caught your eye and I can be of some service to you .


                                                        Portraits of Blessings,

                                                              ...   Lorena M. Hubbard






Who Inspire Me...

To each of you who inspire me. You always are there for words of encouragment and memories for me  to capture.  You never get tired of a camera in your face. May God Bless you for Blessing me.